Wound Care and Supplies

In our lives, we often face times when we need wound care supplies. Surgical procedures, burns, accidental wounds and abrasions all require special wound care attention.

At Line Avenue Pharmacy we provide many choices of gauze, bandages, ABD pads, tape, disposable underpads and cleansing products. We have sterile or non-sterile wound care choices.

Skin breakdown from diabetic wounds and bed sores from prolonged pressure to the skin can be a major concern of skin care. We keep a variety of creams, ointments, saline or sterile water for irrigation and antibacterial cleansers to reduce infection and promote healing.

Specialty dressings, such as, Allevyn, Restore, Tegaderm, Duoderm and Telfa Bordered Non-stick pads are also available.

We keep a wide selection of products in stock, but if we don't have a bandage or wound care product you need, we will special order it for you.

These products, in combination with instruction from your health care provider, will help you be on your way to healing and recovery.